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Hello! Well, I'm an Aries sun with a Cancer moon and Taurus rising. I've always had a lot of issues with inner peace, and I'm wondering how I could go about settling some of this. I often feel very inconsistent, like for every quality I have I have the opposite quality as well. I'm open and vibrant one moment, and the next I seem almost aloof. I'll tackle things maturely and with a shocking amount of talent one second, only to fail at the same task the next. I'm 20 years old, so I'm at the time in my life when I'm trying to develop myself. Find out what I want romantically, where I'm going as far as a career, home life, who I want to be as a person. How can I maybe go about finding a wonderful balance? A stable rock on which to grow in my emotional terrain? I no longer want to suffer with my emotional tension.

Also, what sort of people should I perhaps keep in my company in order to balance me and keep me grounded? Particularly males, since I do have issues with them.

Here is my chart and information

Sex: Female
La Habra, CA 6 United States 02/04/1990 07:31 - Julian day 2447984.10
Adjust 7.00 ST 19.22 Lat 33.56 Long 117.56

Zodiac in degrees 0.00
Sun Aries 12.35
Moon Cancer 14.45
Mercury Aries 26.57
Venus Aquarius 26.10
Mars Aquarius 16.18
Jupiter Cancer 2.56
Saturn Capricorn 24.30
Uranus Capricorn 9.32
Neptune Capricorn 14.32
Pluto Scorpio 17.18 R
Lilith Scorpio 16.39
Asc node Aquarius 14.59

Sun in XII
Moon in III
Mercury in XII
Venus in XI
Mars in XI
Jupiter in III
Saturn in Midheaven
Uranus in IX
Neptune in IX
Pluto in VII
Lilith in VII
Asc node in XI
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