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I have this guy that we've been talking for YEARS always hot n heavy, but it seems things just never "happened" at the right moment. I've grown attached to this guy, but I may be leaving within the next few months to a new job. so..would there be a possibility to ask him to come with me? or should I just let things be, move on and off from him? thanks guys

his chart

my chart

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While your sag midheaven explains your attraction to him, his gemini midheaven tells me that he might be looking for more of an idealist and less of a realist.

Saturn on the Leo/Virgo cusp might be preventing him from telling you what he feels.

You have a very interesting Sun/Moon connection that might make everything matter less. Your gemini moon is directly opposite his sag sun, but, while they are opposites also, your taurus sun just barely misses opposing his scorpio moon.

While he may have your heart in the bag, you might have difficulty reaching him emotionally.

Although, I don't know what you mean by "hot n heavy".

The bottom line: Make sure he knows he's the only one for you. If you're going to move anyway, you've got nothing to lose by asking. I say, "go for it!"
what i meant by hot n heavy was the strong attraction and physicalness (intimacy) is present.

What did you mean by our Sun/Moon connection might make everything matter less?

just that sun and moon are so significant and influencial that they would, in a way, overpower any other aspects that might dissagree with them.

Oh, is that a picture of you? You are a very lovely taurus girl.

Upon second glance of your charts, your gemini moon might just be the thing that is most attractive to him. You should find ways to 'stroke' your moon, you know, make yourself feel more, ah, mooney.
thank you for the compliment :)

he is quite the talker when he gets started. as am i. But..I will shoot for the gemini'ness (although I think i already talk and think enough as it is) heheh

i will add you :)